My favorite place to be refreshed!

Katy Byerts Montage Keyhole seascape painting
Montage Keyhole by Katy Byerts

Talk about inspiration! This lovely Laguna, California cove is full of color, ocean breeze and the  sound of waves on the rocks and sand. When I painted this I felt the life and beauty around me and was refreshed!

Color reflects life

Peaceful Pond at Mission San Juan  by Katy Byerts

Hello to people who love beautiful color and the abundant life all around us!

I was thinking about what inspires me to paint recently. There is so much to say about this, however the pure color that I see in God’s creation is certainly at the top of my list! For instance, when I painted the watercolor, “Peaceful Pond” not only are the Koi fish and plants infused with beautiful color, but the water also reflects them as well as sky and the surrounding Mission San Juan.

Everything comes to life, especially as the Koi, water, breeze & light change.

When I paint with watercolor I also “feel” the wetness & movement of water, the warmth of orange, the coolness of blues & greens. So, when I walk through a room with “Peaceful Pond” hanging it also changes the room with all this color & life!