Katy Byerts Montage Treasure painting scene overlooking the beach at Montage

Montage Treasure

$180 - $450

Seascape painting near the Montage in Laguna Beach.


This seascape painting is full of deep, vibrant color: cobalt and ultramarine blues of the bay, soft cerulean sky in the distance, and deep green vegetation in the foreground bring out the shocking pink bougainvillea that grows so abundantly along the coast in Laguna Beach, California. The inspirations for this painting were the beauty of the scene, and my joy in being out in nature. I often go to this place overlooking one of the beaches at Montage. The lush colorful landscape seems to frame the blue Pacific ocean. Available at my Etsy shop:

Oil on canvas (20″ x 16″) $450
Giclée on canvas (20″ x 16″) $180
Giclée on unstretched canvas (37.5″ x 30″) $215

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